成语群英传,一款全新的寓教于乐的文字类休闲游戏,适合所有年龄段的玩家。 在游戏中,玩家不仅能够通过答题学习成语知识,还可以再答题的过程中获得人物卡片,通过合成来提升游戏主角色的等级。在寓教于乐的同时,游戏还加入了断案系统,能给你更新的锻炼思维能力的平台。 操作简单易上手,在游戏的同时还能学习新的知识,还在等什么,快来成语群英传体验吧!

成语群英传 is a totally new idiom game, which is developed for players of all ages. In this game you will learn more about Chinese idiom and you will get different cards. By merging the cards you will get new characters of higher level and they will bring you more bonus. Except learning idioms, you also have the chance to train your brain by judge different cases. Easier operation, more knowledge, etc. 成语群英传 will bring you more than you can imagine.
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